• Being the eldest son of my parents, I was responsible for my family finances from year 2006, after my father’s sudden death. My father was a farmer so I continued the same profession to meet the family expenses. I completed my matriculation in 2015 from my hometown, Khanewal. I was unable to continue my studies due to lack of finances. One of my friends told me about Descon Technical Institute’s free training programs for students with monthly stipend. I found this opportunity appealing so I applied for a course in welding in May 2016. The teachers, equipment and atmosphere of DTI encouraged me to achieve excellence in this field. I feel honored to be “The Best Welder of Punjab” in “Provisional Skills Competition – 2016” and “The Best Welder of Pakistan” in “National Skills Competition – 2016”, however I had never seen welding equipment before joining DTI. Six months of training at DTI enabled me to achieve this title where other competitors had more than 10 years’ practical experience. I dedicate this achievement to my late father and my mentors at DTI. DTI made me a professional welder and I have a vision to grow in this field now. Thank you DTI.

    Mehrban Sardar
  • Hussain AbbasI completed a course of Fabrication Supervisor from DTI in July 2015. DTI provided me with a chance to learn technical skills that would be applicable to the workplace. Through my training at DTI, I learnt important skills and gained confidence that allowed me to work for the corporate sector. I am working abroad now. My experience at DTI was great and my instructors were encouraging.

    Hussain Abbas
  • Tahir AliIn September 2015, I finished the Pipe Fabrication course in Mechanical field at DTI. This training gave me the opportunity to become a Pipe fabricator in Lahore Manufacturing Workshop. DTI’s instructors taught me everything that I needed to know to become a pipe fabricator. I am now able to support my family.

    Tahir Ali