• I was unable to continue my studies after intermediate due to financial conditions of the family. My parents’ death made me responsible to nourish my 2 younger brothers and a sister. My deceased father once said, “Zohaib you are capable of more than you know”. This sentence of him was in my mind and I was in pursuit of the duty for what I was born. The day changed my life, when I entered in Descon Technical Institute. My 3 months’ certification of Safety Inspector in January 2017 at DTI has awarded me in shape of a job that I never thought about. Honoring my abilities which were polished in DTI, Aitmad Engineering Private Limited hired me as safety officer for their plant site. The right mix of theory and practical at DTI has enabled me to achieve this goal. The best thing I would like to admire about DTI is the involvement of instructors towards students’ learnings. I am thankful to DTI for giving me motivation and right direction to grow and improve the livelihood.  
    Zohaib Ali
  • Being the eldest son of my parents, I was responsible for my family finances from year 2006, after my father’s sudden death. My father was a farmer so I continued the same profession to meet the family expenses. I completed my matriculation in 2015 from my hometown, Khanewal. I was unable to continue my studies due to lack of finances. One of my friends told me about Descon Technical Institute’s free training programs for students with monthly stipend. I found this opportunity appealing so I applied for a course in welding in May 2016. The teachers, equipment and atmosphere of DTI encouraged me to achieve excellence in this field. I feel honored to be “The Best Welder of Punjab” in “Provisional Skills Competition – 2016” and “The Best Welder of Pakistan” in “National Skills Competition – 2016”, however I had never seen welding equipment before joining DTI. Six months of training at DTI enabled me to achieve this title where other competitors had more than 10 years’ practical experience. I dedicate this achievement to my late father and my mentors at DTI. DTI made me a professional welder and I have a vision to grow in this field now. Thank you DTI.

    Mehrban Sardar
  • Hussain AbbasI completed a course of Fabrication Supervisor from DTI in July 2015. DTI provided me with a chance to learn technical skills that would be applicable to the workplace. Through my training at DTI, I learnt important skills and gained confidence that allowed me to work for the corporate sector. I am working abroad now. My experience at DTI was great and my instructors were encouraging.

    Hussain Abbas
  • Tahir AliIn September 2015, I finished the Pipe Fabrication course in Mechanical field at DTI. This training gave me the opportunity to become a Pipe fabricator in Lahore Manufacturing Workshop. DTI’s instructors taught me everything that I needed to know to become a pipe fabricator. I am now able to support my family.

    Tahir Ali