Message from the Founder


The vision of Descon Technical Institute is to enable young men and women from the under privileged sectors of our society to make a decent living. We want to give them hope, enable them to fulfill their dreams and build their aspirations. Our mission is skills for livelihood. Our aim is to develop the skills that our industry badly needs. We have millions of young people, who do not have those skills. We have industry but they are suffering because of lack of skills. So we want to fill bridge that gap. Also we want to enable our people to be able to go and seek the opportunities that are available in the Middle East.

We need to concentrate on productivity and quality both to be competitive internationally and it can only be possible if our workforce understands the requirements. That is where we are putting a lot of our emphasis. This model is successful because we have spent a lot of time to build an error free curriculum as per market’s demand. We have right faculty to teach and demonstrate the agreed curriculum. The type of facility we have,there is amount of land that we have allocated but most important is the rigger of the program. Our students are kept busy throughout the day. This is not like many of the other institutions who work till afternoon. Our students will go all the way through to 5 p.m. We are teaching soft skills, work ethics, because we are in industry, we know what the industry requires.

Abdul Razak Dawood
(Founder DTI)